Today’s globally-distributed businesses need to evolve into agile and responsive enterprises that can adapt to ever-changing market conditions. IT, OT, and IoT services and capabilities are converging. Network operations and capabilities must be delivered and operate seamlessly - anywhere, anytime.

The edge is here, and next generation networks and infrastructures must be responsive to the new demands of the enterprise. IT organizations must grow to support these new demands in a world that is increasingly making a journey to the edge of the network.

Our Innovation Practice

We are dedicated to exploring and commercializing next generation networks and infrastructure for the modern enterprise. In order to accomplish this, we:

on a full lifecycle approach to accelerating innovation – moving from an initial idea through the commercialization of a powerful platforms that can address real business and customer problems for the enterprise.
the vast strategic assets and network of resources of NTT Group, one of the leading ICT companies in the world to help us build, test and scale our development efforts.
a vibrant ecosystem of established enterprise companies, startups, and universities that enable us to pursue a vendor-agnostic approach to the development and deployment of emerging technologies.
and go to market in partnership with NTT Global’s extensive network of operating companies and customers.

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We can call on the vast strategic assets and network resources of NTT Group, one of the leading ICT companies in the world.
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