Accelerating the movement of innovation from initial idea to marketplace implementation

NTT i3 collaborates with global entrepreneurs who have what it takes to build a world-class, category-defining business. We provide access to the significant global infrastructure resources, research knowledge and long-standing customer relationships of NTT Group combined with our  own high-octane blend of design thinking and deep enterprise relationships.   


AccuGreen is an energy compliance and benchmarking platform designed to be used in smart buildings and datacenters to monitor and dynamically optimize energy compliance and government regulatory environmental usage in power-reliant industries. In field trials in Singapore data centers, AccuGreen has resulted in 30% reduction in cooling system power consumption over period of 12 months.

AccuGreen has three modules:

  • A sensor data aggregator that uses multiple industry standard sensors such as magnetic flowmeters in the cooling systems and temperature sensors and power meters.
  • A data manager which is the analytics engine as well as data visualization dashboard.
  • A reporting and analytics module for generating reports, comparing performance within and across multiple locations.

NTT i3’s AccuGreen is currently available for proof-of-concept development projects.


DefendX is a technology developed to enhance side channel attack resistance in IoT devices. The technology works with FPGAs, Android, Arduino and Smart Cards at significantly lower energy overhead. With the expansion of IoT devices in various smart factories, smart homes, smart cities, retail and wearables, a variety of cheap, low-power devices are transmitting and recording data across the Internet in countless ways. Hackers are targeting hardware and backend systems relentlessly and within hours can find vulnerabilities in these IoT devices. DefendX has the capability to ensure a time frame of six years before the code can be cracked.

Currently under development, NTT i3 is selectively engaging in pilot programs with global customers.


ScanCode is an innovative technology focused on the principles of DevSecOps which is an approach that aims at integrating security into every aspect of an application lifecycle from design to development, testing, production, and ongoing operations.

ScanCode features a security vulnerability management SaaS solution for both Cloud and on-premise applications. In addition to performing in-depth source code analysis, the technology also analyses binaries against a proprietary database using a complex metric-based model which makes the analysis faster – exactly what is needed in today’s DevOps and Agile environments.

Presently, NTT i3’s ScanCode is available for proof-of-concept development for C++ based open source projects.

We’re always looking for new partners to engage with us on our R&D initiatives - or - who are just curious about what we’re working on.