Cxc is the silicon valley-based interactive meeting and briefing center for ntt group where you can:


Enterprise executives from around the world visit our Customer Experience Center (CXC) to learn about emerging digital technologies and trends, see new applied R&D investigations and prototypes, engage in hands-on workshops, and hear from startups and Silicon Valley leaders.

With new knowledge and access to an extended global network of experts provided by CXC, visitors are well-equipped to address their own innovation explorations and leverage new collaborative R&D opportunities.

For Global Change Makers
and Their Teams.

Enterprise executives want to shape, and not just react to, the future. Today’s challenges require new technology, new business models, and a new culture of innovation. To create significant change, leaders need ideas and new ways of working that they can take back to their organization so that entire teams can be part of an open innovation movement in which everyone is an innovator.

More than a Day
in Silicon Valley.

CXC is much more than a place that you visit for a few hours or a day. It’s about being part of an ongoing open innovation movement.  Your time at CXC is just the beginning of a continuing relationship that provides access to other technology experts, research, and collaborative trials.

Active Engagement.
Moments of Discovery.

At CXC, we provide the physical space, people, and curated experiences that will challenge and inspire you to learn and engage in real innovation explorations. To get the most out of the experience, come with an open mind eager for new ideas from new people that will challenge your status quo. These are the ingredients that can lead to the ‘a-ha moments’ of discovery and invention.


Bring your curiosity
and an open mind
Understand your interests, provide preparatory information, provoke questions


Help you envision and create
a new "near future"
Engage in curated, customized experiences


Build greater insights,
actions, and relationships.
Provide follow-up with relevant books,
Custom-Designed Learning and Experiences.

Based on your interests and needs, your visit is designed to give you meaningful frameworks, insights, and new relationships that will help you and your teams address tough issues with technology – starting the day after you leave, and well into the future. Whether your interest is in specific products, technologies, markets, or innovation culture building – we have workshops, roundtables, prototype demos, industry and technology overviews, and case studies upon which you can build new (business) possibilities.

Here are a few examples. For more information or to arrange a visit:

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  • Open Innovation
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • AI, Machine Learning, & Predictive Analytic
  • Healthcare & Wearables
  • IT Automation
  • IoT Security
  • Flexible Networking
  • Sports Analytics
  • Cybersecurity