At NTT i3 we build enterprise software platforms that create an agile and scalable IT backbone for digitally-driven businesses.

Current Initiatives:


CLOUDWAN Next Generation Infrastructure

Local distributed (edge) computing is here and next generation infrastructures must be responsive to the new demands of the enterprise. With CLOUDWAN, you have unparalleled control and visibility over your distributed network.

  • The speed and agility of SD-WAN
  • The consistency and control of vendor-agnostic NFV and network orchestration
  • Applications and services at the edge of the network

Commercialized Platforms:


GTIP: Global Threat Intelligence Platform

Delivers next-generation enterprise cybercrime toolkit of software and managed services to proactively identify and defend against threats by the intelligent consolidation and analysis of threat data from multiple sources.

  • Holistic view of all threat data in one network
  • Integration with network security resources of NTT Group

NTT Cloud Migrate: Move, manage, and govern any application on any cloud

NTT cloud Migrate makes moving, managing, and securing applications from a physical, virtual, or cloud environment to any private, public, or hybrid cloud easier and less expensive. Using NTT clouds Migrate, you can natively and securely transfer apps to any supported NTT or public cloud without time-consuming and expensive modification or cloud specific scripting. Migrate provides complete application lifecycle and runtime management after migration. NTT cloud Migrate helps to ensure that each application runs optimally on every cloud.

  • Move, manage, and govern clouds with accelerated onboarding, lifecycle management, end-to-end security, and comprehensive monitoring, reporting, and auditing functions
  • Deploy applications natively using application-cloud portability and overcome any cloud lock-in
  • Determine the right cloud for the application with one-click benchmarking