We collaborate with the vast global network of NTT Group’s Operating Companies and R&D Labs, Silicon Valley technology startups, and major global corporations.

Sports VR: Skills Training with Virtual Reality

Sports VR is a VR training system that allows athletes to experience and train in sports within a virtual environment. Generated based on omni-directional images and sensors, scenes in which a ball is being thrown are reproduced as if you are the batter in a game. With a VR head-mounted display, skills such as visual discernment of movement and physical performance can be perfected. The technology can be applied to many fields.

ForeSight Voice Mining: Enhance Call Center Customer Experience through Real-time Voice Monitoring and Analysis

ForeSightVoice Mining is an advanced voice mining system that gives you insights to offer better customer experience and to train agents more efficiently by enabling real-time monitoring and quantitative and objective analysis of massive call data

Kirari! Immersive telepresence technology

Kirari! is a set of technologies that collects and processes information, transmits it synchronously in real time, adds effects and reproduces it. Kirari! is a groundbreaking ultra-realistic immersive telepresence technology for delivering the entirety of sporting arenas throughout Japan and the world in real time.

R-ENV: Easy Development of Services using Robots, Sensors, Gadgets, and Web applications

R-env is a cloud-based application development environment and execution environment for creating services for rapidly evolving robots, sensors, gadgets, and Web applications. By using the R-env, application developers can create, debug, and execute services that use robots connected with other peripheral devices easily and quickly using only the Web Browser without any prior knowledge of advanced programming language.

We’re always looking for new partners to engage with us on our R&D initiatives - or - who are just curious about what we’re working on.