Enterprise companies need to realize the value of experimentation and starting small if they want to provide a safe space for innovation. By making many small innovation bets, they can optimize experimentation and the opportunity for the “a-ha” moment.

In 10 Lessons for Enterprise Innovation Centers, we share what enterprise companies can do to unleash individual creativity around the technology assets at the company, including:

  • Hackathons provide collaborative opportunity and exposure in the outside innovation ecosystem, and ongoing internal hack weeks are a fun way for everyone in the organization to participate and explore ideas they already have.
  • Evaluate ideas by seeing the fit with overall strategy and capabilities, not just by looking at the idea in isolation.

Enterprise companies must commit to the big idea of change as they follow a path of small bets to learn, see how it fits and finally take it to market.

For more information on what enterprise companies need to know as they start their innovation journey, visit here.

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