Today, we announced the beta launch of Project CloudWAN at the ONUG Fall 2016 Conference in New York City. Project CloudWAN is an intelligent technology fabric that enables organizations to efficiently scale and evolve so that they can respond to business changes across the full technology stack.

Project CloudWAN is explicitly built for the disruption economy, allowing enterprises to rapidly and seamlessly take action in fast changing markets with responsive and unified networks. Now, enterprises can grow with the speed and flexibility a global business requires – and we are doing this by helping enterprises reduce networking costs, giving them a choice to connect through less costly links, and providing a much-needed resource to dynamically manage reliability, latency and speed.

Project CloudWAN’s key features and benefits include:


  • Unified Virtual Network for linking public and private clouds, and bare metal infrastructure.
  • Supports management of infrastructure, network functions, and applications from a single cloud-based console
  • Extensible Network Functions provided by software that interoperates with the core virtual network
  • Integration of Business Applications and Services from the cloud to the edge of the network
  • Modularity and simplicity to scale distributed IT environment
  • Micro-service architecture for connected devices
  • Works with an ecosystem of other network function providers allowing Project CloudWAN to flexibly fit into your existing landscape without disrupting prior infrastructure investments
  • Seamlessly unifies disparate network deployments: Offered as a ‘Site in a Box’ solution to standardize network technologies across diverse global locations or to streamline complex networks across various business units



  • Reduce setup and service costs of network products and apps
  • Reduce bandwidth cost by enabling alternate transport networks


  • Easier device management with network functions as a service on a single appliance
  • Reduce burden on overloaded subject matter experts
  • Easier network monitoring, debugging, and troubleshooting


  • Improve ability to rapidly deploy centralized changes to the network edges
  • Increased ability to manage security, usage, or other policies


For more information about NTT i3 Project CloudWAN, please visit

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