Innovative Ideas from Around the World. Collaborative Development in Silicon Valley. A Vendor Agnostic Approach.

We embrace a full lifecycle approach to accelerating innovation. To take that one crazy idea and turn it into a powerful technology platform that can address real business and customer problems for the enterprise.

We are committed to finding those most ambitious and game –changing ideas that may have been long hidden in R&D Labs around the world. Then in Silicon Valley, we take them through a rigorous process of applied R&D and platform development. This is done in collaboration with a vibrant ecosystem of partners comprised of both startups and established global brands.

As part of NTT Group, we can call on the vast strategic assets and network resources of one of the leading ICT companies in the world – to help us build, test and scale our R&D and technology platform development efforts.

And since we want to work with the best change agents and emerging technologies around the world, we maintain a vendor-agnostic approach to innovation. We know that some of the best ideas and resources can come from outside our own organization. When people and companies work together, they can create something that is substantial bigger and more impactful than the simple sum of its parts. Or of what people could achieve on their own – working in isolation.

Developing IT-focused technology platforms and applied R&D investigations in the areas of machine learning, IoT, wearables, drones and blockchain:
We focus
on a full lifecycle approach to accelerating innovation – moving from idea through commercialization.
We leverage
the extensive assets and resources of NTT Global
We curate
an open ecosystem and vendor-agnostic approach to the development and deployment of technology – working with both established enterprise companies and startups.
We commercialize
and go to market in partnership with NTT Global’s operating companies
annual investment in R&D
Largest global IP backbone
Largest data center provider in the world
Serves 80%
of Fortune 100 with network coverage in 160 countries and regions