Most enterprise startups do not find themselves in the situation that consumer tech startups can face – having a technology in search of a problem. The reality is that the enterprise market doesn’t have time for that, as the pace of change is so incredibly fast. And that means solving real day-to-day problems takes precedence.

In 10 Lessons for Enterprise Innovation Centers, we share our insights on the organizations enterprise companies and their innovation centers should partner and learn from. The best partners are founders of enterprise startups who tend to have the following key traits:

  • They are generally more experienced than their consumer counterparts.
  • Many come out of operating roles in larger companies and are seasoned executives.
  • They have strong intrapreneurial tendencies and want to tackle a problem that cannot be addressed inside the enterprise.
  • They are targeting a problem that they have personally encountered, so they bring domain expertise and valuable insights.

Enterprise companies and their innovation centers need to look for innovation outside themselves if they want to create a more powerful innovation culture inside.

For more information on what enterprise companies need to know as they start their innovation journey, visit  here.

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