Recently, CIO Review recognized NTTi3 as one of the 20 most promising SDN solutions providers in 2017. Nina Simosko, our CEO, was invited to share her insights on how we innovate to bring to market revolutionary products and solutions like CloudWAN.

Traditionally, organizations set up multiple networks to support enterprise silos. CloudWAN is changing that, by unifying disparate network deployments and enabling organizations to effectively and efficiently scale and evolve in order to respond to business changes across the full technology stack.  Bottom line – organizations no longer need to manage multiple network devices.

Why CloudWAN is revolutionary

CloudWAN manages infrastructure, network functions and applications from a single cloud-based console.  This then simplifies the responsibilities of any enterprise’s network infrastructure manager, who is typically in charge of creating and managing virtual private networks, as well as the networks that run on top of the base network.

How CloudWAN works with existing ecosystems

Organizations utilizing CloudWAN no longer need physical WAN optimization devices behind the Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) devices, saving them installation cost. Additionally, CloudWAN’s open architecture works with existing ecosystems that adhere to its open standards, ensuring that maintenance and upgrades are a seamless process – even when new network function capabilities are introduced at a later date.

How CloudWAN delivers business value

A common challenge faced by many organizations when deploying applications to new business users is shipping out multiple network devices, servers and applications. CloudWAN resolves this by offering all applications bundled into profiles that are instantly deployed to user communities at the edge of the network. In essence, CloudWAN makes “Site-in-a-Box” a reality. CloudWAN edge device works by calling home and configuring itself. An organization can then create a template of network functions and push them to the edge device from their headquarters. Furthermore, CloudWAN management console delivers productivity and manages access rights, bandwidth usage and external Internet access.

By streamlining complex networks across various business units, CloudWAN is enabling organizations to reduce costs, remove complexities, and increase their responsiveness to respond to business changes across the technology stack.

Read the full CIO Review feature here. 

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