Recently, our CEO Nina Simosko was named one of the 30 most creative CEOs to watch in 2017 by Insights Success Magazine. Nina was given this recognition for being a passionate leader and advocate for technology innovation during her tenure at Oracle, Nike, SAP, and now, NTT i3.

As Nina states, “Dynamic engagement and developing a common vision is fundamental, and you can really only do that by understanding each and every person and making sure they feel truly valued.”

Today, as our CEO, Nina is focused on fostering strategic innovation, as we work with enterprise companies and partner with early-stage-digitally-native businesses.

Nina says, “By learning and working around the world, and bringing executives and entrepreneurs from those areas to our offices to learn and collaborate, we get to see a picture of truly global needs and opportunities, and not just those that directly impact us within a 50-mile radius of Palo Alto.”

For more information on NTT i3, visit our website.

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