As part of our Voices of Innovation series featuring interviews with NTT i3’s first Executive Advisory Board, Brian Spector shared his perspective on the increasing importance and changing nature of security in the enterprise, as well as the kind of innovation culture that is needed to come up with the solutions to address this.


As Brian stated, “2016 was a big wakeup call for anyone who still didn’t understand the importance and extent of everyday vulnerabilities and issues around security.” This past year brought us the biggest DDoS attack ever, estimated to have been twice as powerful as any other attack. And IoT devices were a big part of the vulnerability.


According to Brian, those in security – including CIOs and CTOs – must understand and communicate the value proposition of security throughout all levels of their organizations. To get there, there are a few approaches he believes will lead to real progress:

  • Security needs to be at the core of all technology thinking and part of every product’s go-to-market strategy.
  • Open Source strategy is key to solving this problem. A perfect example is the security ecosystem vision of the work at Apache-Milagro.
  • The real-time OS (RTOS) is an important green field, enabling organizations to move away from today’s insecure trust hierarchies.


These kinds of bold moves around security will require organizations to be more innovative in their thinking and actions. Brian believes that one of the best places that IT and security leaders can learn from is the innovation culture nurtured at the Israeli Defense Force’s (IDF) Unit 8200. As Brian noted, “the keys to their success can be found in culture and creative constraints,” and with their teams being provided the ability to brainstorm, analyze and solve problems, “that’s the essence of being able to think differently as an entrepreneur.”


To create the culture required to support engineers and data scientists, enterprise organizations must start investigating and prototyping their personal passions.


For more information on our conversations with the NTT i3 Executive Advisory Board, visit here. 

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