Uncovering ambitious ideas from the vast global network on NTT Group’s R&D labs and engaging in a collaborative approach to R&D with Silicon Valley startups and major corporations.

Healthcare – Using Data to Personalize Medicine

Accessing and integrating vast data sets from public sources, private companies, and hardware devices to personalize healthcare and vastly improve outcomes around issues of drug interaction prediction and remote treatment compliance.

Wearables – Monitoring Human Biology And Performance in Sports

Deploying wearable technology that collects real-time data from athletes can provide massive datasets that can be analyzed, yielding actionable insights to improve performance not only for the individual, but also for larger defined populations.

IoT Security – Protecting Billions of Devices from Hackers

Predicting attacks in advance and more rapidly responding to incursions is moving from a business critical to a ‘life critical’ requirement in industries that are rapidly automating such as manufacturing, transportation, and healthcare.

We’re always looking for new partners to engage with us on our R&D initiatives - or - who are just curious about what we’re working on.