From the formation of our first Executive Advisory Board…to being accepted for the first time to participate in SXSW 2018…to being noted as one of the 30 most innovative companies in 2017 by CIO Bulletin…2017 was a banner year for NTT i³. We recall the year’s key moments as we look back at 2017.

MIT Sports Analytics Conference

Yasuyuki Kataoka’s research paper was one of only 20 submission accepted out of more than 200 for the 11th annual MIT Sports Analytics Conference. What really stood out at the conference was that because of our partnerships, NTT i³can go beyond theories and develop solutions to solve real world problems in the areas of wearable devices, real time data and data visualization points.

The Toyota Prius Challenge

Our NTT i³ Prius Challenge Team (aka ‘Team Rocket’) was one of 20 teams of data scientists and drivers to attend The Toyota Prius Challenge at Sonoma Raceway in Northern California. The event was designed to see who could drive the furthest – not the fastest. With our data-driven strategy, our final average MPG was 83 MPG, very close to the 86 MPG achieved by the Toyota Dream Team, led by Toyota’s chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada. We were very excited to be included in the Winner’s Circle with the ‘Best Machine Learning’ award.

CloudWAN Announcement with Intel

This year, along with Dimension data’s Internet Solutions team, we announced our collaboration with Intel Corporation on the delivery of CloudWAN. By coupling
NTT i³’s CloudWAN SD-WAN controller and ecosystem with Intel’s next-generation server chips on the all-new Purley platform, CloudWAN effectively gives businesses an accelerated path to the agile deployment and management of software at the edge of their network. As a partner, Intel provides the silicon for the high performing boxes essential to software defined networks.

NTT i³ Launches CloudWAN in South Africa

Along with Dimension Data’s Internet Solutions (the leading pan-African telecoms services provider), we announced our collaboration on the delivery of CloudWAN. In June 2017, CloudWAN launched in South Africa.

Forbes Women’s Summit

Our CEO Nina Simosko attended the fifth annual Forbes Women’s Summit in New York. She had the honor of listening to, engaging with, and being inspired by 300 multi-generational innovators, entrepreneurs and influencers. Attendees shared their stories of the diverse paths that women have taken to address problems facing their businesses, communities, and the social causes that they care about.

Spending Summers Innovating at NTT i³

We had the opportunity to welcome back our intern Amanda Watson, a Ph.D. student at The College of William and Mary where she is studying computer science specializing in wearable technology for health care for athletes. She started her first internship with us in 2015 during which she focused on building a stress tracking system using the NTT DoCoMo Hitoe shirt that offers biometric measurements, such as heart rate. This year, she returned to develop a proof of concept for an IoT platform.

Fortune Brainstorm TECH

At this year’s Fortune Brainstorm TECH held in Aspen, our CEO Nina Simosko attended with a powerful group of the world’s top technology and media leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators. Together, they explored the trends that are changing the future of business.

“In Conversation With” Video Series

From Silicon Valley to India to Tour De France’s finish line, “In Conversation With” is a video series where NTT i³ engages in conversation with some of our most visionary partners at NTT’s Operating Companies and global enterprise customers, futurists, and leading Silicon Valley technologists, entrepreneurs, and researchers.

CloudWAN Exhibited at ONUG Fall 2017 Conference


We exhibited CloudWAN at the Open Networking User Group (ONUG) Fall 2017 conference in New York City. At the conference, we were able to show organizations of all sizes that they are now able to make “what if you could” in the world of software defined networks a reality.

NTT i³ Panel Accepted at SXSW

We were accepted to participate in SXSW 2018 for the first time! Panel discussion is on “Startups and Big Companies Working Together.”

CIO Bulletin Recognizes NTT i³ in 30 Most Innovative Companies 2017

This year, we were recognized by CIO Bulletin as “one of the best-known companies that accelerate the movement of innovation from initial deep idea to marketplace implementation.” We were noted for our full lifecycle approach to innovation and CEO Nina Simosko, the visionary behind our organization

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