Innovation should be the soul of a company.  At NTT i3, we don’t innovate for the sake of innovation. Our team works with a collaborative ecosystem of innovation and technology partners to accelerate the investigation and development of emerging technologies into powerful solutions that address global business challenges and real human needs.

Global Challenges. Breakthrough Technology. Human Needs.

At NTT i3, innovation isn’t just about technology expertise. It is also about supporting those sparks of creative ideas that you find in an engineer’s passion. To tackle early stage investigations, we provide our people with the financial and talent resources of a global enterprise company, while moving at the speed of a startup.

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Taking Innovative Ideas Into the Marketplace.

At NTT i3, we believe that a significant part of the innovation process is in taking ideas out of the lab environment and commercializing them in the marketplace. Unlike startups, we have a well-funded global team of operating companies and customers who partner with us on commercialization efforts. This is how we can make ‘what’s next’ a reality.

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Value Risk. Support Ambition.

At NTT i3, we don't see innovation as the solitary pursuit of a single genius. To address issues of global significance, we know that diverse talent and collaborative teams are required. Our employees, industry experts, and ambitious entrepreneurs work together in an environment that supports the inherent risk of true innovation and welcomes open exchange and debate.

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